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The word 'whiskey' (or whisky) comes from the Irish (or 'Gaelic') uisce beatha, meaning water of life. Whiskey has been produced in Ireland for over 1000 years. Long before the British Empire invested in 'Scotch' whisky, Irish whiskey was being shipped around the world and smuggled into America during prohibition. 

Ireland boasts the worlds finest distilleries and all within a short drive of each other. We give you unparalleled behind the scenes access to Ireland's most ancient distilleries, Jameson, Redbreast, Middleton, Green Spot, Kilbeggan, Tullamore Dew, and Powers to name but a few.

We specialise in dealing with international clientele. 

So, let us design you a custom tour that takes in Ireland's rich whiskey heritage, matures your palate, trains your nose and leaves you salivating for more. 



Tastings Venues


There is nowhere better to taste whiskey than in one of ireland's world famous whiskey bars or pubs. just pick the venue and we'll organise a tasting.


shelbourne bar cork


Everybody loves the Shelbourne. When we ask our clients where they want to go back to, they always say the Shelbourne Bar in Cork. With over 250 unique types of Irish whiskey on offer, what's not to like? They even have a wide collection of Scotch, but let's not dwell on that! What makes the Shelbourne unique is its blend of whiskey IQ and comfortable surroundings. A roaring fire and leather booths with some of Ireland's premier pot still whiskey, well that's what we like to call whiskey heaven. Our most popular nights of the tour almost always involve a premium whiskey tasting in the Shelbourne Bar, followed by some food from McCurtain Street's litany of restaurants.  The Shelbourne's whiskey curator 'Mark' personally leads all our tastings and makes sure everybody  leaves wanting more.

palace bar dublin
palace bar dublin


Established in 1823, the Palace Bar is at the heart of Dublin whiskey. No other bar is as steeped in Irish whiskey as this one. This is authentic Ireland at it's best. Voted one of Ireland's top 5 whiskey bars and untouched by the passage of time, the Palace is a 19th century Victorian pub who have specialised in whiskey for nearly 200 years.  A stone's throw away from the former offices of Ireland's most prominent newspaper The Irish Times, the Palace became home to various newspaper staffers and a favourite haunt of the newspaper's editors. Many a famous news story was written in the back of the bar in one of their private booths, which we in Ireland call 'snugs'. 

Being located in Dublin, we love using the Palace Bar for tastings in all of our tours. It's a great venue to kick off a tour or to finish one.  Located in downtown Dublin, the Palace Bar is ideally situated near a cocophony of upmarket and eclectic restaurants and eateries. 

dick macks bar dingle
dick macks bar dingle


There are a few truly iconic pubs in Ireland, whose name is known to more or less every person in the land.  Dick Mack's is one of those pubs.

Dick Mack’s opened in 1899 and three generations later, is a wholly atmospheric experience in the heart of Dingle, County Kerry in the southwest of Ireland. Tea and sugar bins stamped with the Mac Donnell family crest and motto ‘As you like it’ are relics from the early 1900s, when Tom Mac Donnell who was stationmaster at  Dingle Light Railway & Tramway opened the bar to provide light refreshments to its passengers.

Ideally located in the quaint town of Dingle, we make use of this treasured icon when bringing clients to the nearby Dingle distillery. Dingle is a hive of activity and a favourite holiday town for us Irish. The atmosphere is one you won't forget soon, especially at Christmas time. 

 Futuristic and Scientific - We love bringing people to the Celtic Whiskey  B&L

Futuristic and Scientific - We love bringing people to the Celtic Whiskey  B&L


These guys know their whiskey. Set in Killarney along the world famous and breathtaking 'Ring of Kerry' , you can walk in the beautiful Killarney National Park then drop into the Celtic Whiskey B&L and see where traditional whiskey meets cutting edge science. We love to stop off here on the way  from Cork, or on the way to the Dingle  distillery. 

Killarney is one of Ireland's biggest tourist attractions, we'll make sure you get a little glimpse of it , in between a few whiskies of course!

 The fabulous  Belfast-made furniture an d fittings, inside the Duke!

The fabulous  Belfast-made furniture an d fittings, inside the Duke!


Voted one of Ireland's top 5 whiskey bars, nestled along a narrow cobbled alleyway in the historic Half Bap area of Belfast, the Duke of York offers a traditional Belfast welcome of craic (Irish for fun), music and humour. Hosting regular traditional music sessions there is no better place to sample the real taste of  Belfast – simply step in and drink an Irish whiskey from people who know their stuff. Imagine Belfast with only five streets. Protected by earth ramparts and the city walls,  that's how old the Duke of York is. Appreciate the superb décor and special atmosphere with beautiful antique mirrors while having a nice dram of whiskey. Conveniently located on route to  the Old Bushmills Distillery we love taking clients here on a night out in Belfast City. 

Garavans bar


Nestled in the heart of Galway city’s main shopping thoroughfare, stands the historic building that is Garavan’s Public House.An architectural treasure, its current physical footprint dates back to the fortified Galway of 1650

Irish whiskey bar of the year 2017 ,  Garavans opened at 1939 as a "Spirit Grocer", a uniquely Irish combination of a bar and a grocery store. They offer an extensive collection of delicious (and  in some cases, very rare) whiskeys sourced from all over the world. Garavans is renowned for its whiskey tasting platters complete with extensive tasting notes. It's the perfect place to settle down for a night of Cráic agus Ceol (Irish for Banter and Music) after a trip to the nearby Connacht Distillery  !

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