Our tours range from a single day in Dublin to an all-inclusive eight day tour of the entire island. However, we also design bespoke tours of custom length to suit our guests.

Do you create custom tours?

Yes. We think we have a pretty amazing selection of tours in our current suite. However, if you have a special request, we will put together a bespoke tour to fit your needs.

Do you have to like whiskey to go on your tours?

Absolutely not. Our tours are a blend of whiskey and sightseeing. We know some guests love whiskey, that’s why we have some ‘whiskey-heavy’ tours that really highlight Ireland’s amazing distilleries and pubs. We also realise that some guests would like to focus on sightseeing, but are interested in ‘trying’ Irish whiskey whilst they are in Ireland. Our ‘sightseeing-heavy’ tours focus mainly on the stunning Irish countryside, but offer an introduction to the wonderful process of whiskey production and tasting.


There is a maximum of fifteen guests per tour, but our average group size is between six and ten guests. Ireland is an intimate country and we like our tours to keep that personal intimate touch that makes Ireland so special.

Our tours are designed in such a way that even a complete novice can enjoy them. We have made sure to partner with the best educators in the industry. At the start of your tour you’ll be given an introduction to all things whiskey, from grain to glass. We have ensured there is something for everyone, from complete novices, to whiskey aficionados. From there, it’s up to you how much you want to learn!

What about guests who know nothing about whiskey?

What is included in the price?

Absolutely everything, except food. We have worked tirelessly to get the best possible rates for all of Ireland’s scenic attractions and ancient distilleries. We are passing this discount directly on to the customer. Everything listed in our tour itineraries is included in the price. Importantly, that includes massive discounts on premium whiskey that aren’t available to anyone except our guests. Whiskey Business customers are paying less than the ‘production cost’ for some of the world’s best whiskeys. The ONLY thing you’ll have to pay for on your trip to Ireland is your lunch and dinner. This is what makes us so different to almost every other tour provider in Ireland. We are not a bus company, we are a bespoke premium tour experience. We have done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is BOOK onto one of our epic tours and we guarantee you will have the time of your life.

We certainly do. We understand that many of our guests may already have a very high level of whiskey knowledge and acumen. We have negotiated special dispensation from all our partners to get enthusiastic whiskey lovers access to the best minds in the business. If you book any of our tours, we will automatically upgrade your distillery experiences to include premium tastings, behind-the-scenes access and meet-and-greets with the key people (Distillers / Blenders / Coopers) so you can ask them in-depth how their whiskey is made and what makes Irish whiskey so special. If you’d like to arrange a custom package for your society or group of friends, we can put together a bespoke package to meet your needs.

Do you cater for Whiskey societies and hardcore whiskey fans?

To make things easy for our guests we have divided up our tours by region. Each tour has a code, for example our east of Ireland tour is called ‘Eastern Earls’ and its code is EE. Similarly, our south of Ireland tour is called ‘Southern Comfort’ and its code is SC. Our south-east tour which we have called ‘Vikings & Normans’ is a combination of EE and SC. We have multiple combination tours that range between four and eight days in duration, which allow you to choose an itinerary specific to your needs. Why not check out this infographic below to help you.

What do the codes under the tours mean?

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